Some examples of skills that Ove holds:
  • Development Language: JavaSE, JavaME, JavaEE. Get, Qt / C + +, BPMN
  • Software module: Netbeans, Eclipse, Jdevloper, Enterprise Architect (EA)
  • Java application servers: BEA Weblogig server, JBoss AS
  • BPMN server: Oracle BPM Suite 11g
  • Shooting & Editing of Images
Ove is very interested in emerging technologies in Java and are following developments closely, especially in the mobile space. He has therefore been a student at the JavaOne conference in the U.S. 10 times. He has, thanks to this a deep and broad knowledge within the skill of Java. He has also a blog Ove Nordström's blog on Java and mobility. In addition, participating Ove also in various competence networks such as Javaforum & Stockholm GTUG.

Ove is always interested in learning other new technologies. Right now, the focus on building skills around: Android 4, Qt / C + +, JavaEE6, JavaSE7, JavaFX 2.0 & html fifth This is a lengthy process that has gone on in recent years around these areas.